Urban tax :


The house, main or secondary, is subjected to the urban tax. This tax sits on the rental value of the accommodation(housing). This value is revised every five years by a 2 % increase.

Applicable rates:

table of the urban tax by slice(edge) of rental value

- 0 to 3000 DH 0 %

- 3001 to 6000 DH 10 %

- 6001 to 12 000 DH 16 %

- 12001 to 24 000 DH 20 %

- 24 001 to 36 000 DH 24 %

- 36 001 to 60 000 DH 28 %

- Superior(Higher education) to 60 000 DH 30 %

The urban tax does not apply to the new premises and the complements to construction during 5 years. The MRE benefits from a dejection of 75 % of the rental value.


 Tax of édilité:

Besides the urban tax, you will have to settle an applicable tax on buildings whatever is their destination. If the building is intended for the main house, you benefit from a 75 % dejection in the same way as for the urban tax.

Applicable rates:
- 10 % of the rental value for premises situated in urban districts

- 60 % of the rental value for premises situated in the peripheral zones of urban districts.


Renting incomes:

In case of purchase of the already rented(praised) good(property) or if you decide to rent(praise) your residence, or to give it free of charge to persons others than your relatives(parents) or your children, you have to declare incomes, which are subjected to tax general on the income ( IGR).

Table of the IGR:
- Annual income from 1 to 20 000 DH: exemption from the IGR

- from 20 001 to 24 000 DH: imposition(taxation) at the 13 % rate, with a dejection of 2600 DH

- from 24 001 to 36 000 DH: imposition(taxation) at the 21 % rate, with a dejection of 4520 DH

- From 36 001 to 60 000 DH: imposition(taxation) at the 35 % rate, with a dejection of 9560 DH

- 60 001 and more: imposition(taxation) at the 44 % rate, with a dejection of 14 960 DH However,

for the new constructions and the additions(bills) of constructions, you are exempted on the first 3 years according to that of the completion of the works of said constructions.


Capital gains tax :


The capital gain(increase in value) is the difference between:
- The sale price, decreased in the expenses of transfer, and the purchase price, increased by the acquisition costs, the investment expenditure realized and interests paid in conformance with payment for credits in touch with the good(property).


The applied rate is 20 %.
However, the amount of the due tax cannot be lower than 3 % of the sale price.
Conditions of total exemption from this tax in the following cases: (new capacities(measures) - Law of finance of 2005)

- Profit realized on the transfer of an accommodation(housing) occupied as main house during at least 8 years, whatever is the sale price

- profit realized on the occasion of the first sale of accommodation(housing) with social character.
- Profit realized by every person who makes in the calendar year of the transfers of buildings the total value of which does not exceed(irritate) 60 000 DH

- profit on the transfers for free concerning the influences and the descendants, between husband(couple), between brothers and sisters This exemption extends in the same conditions:

 - To the spouse or to the direct successors who continue to live in the building or in the part(party) of building in cause after the death of the owner

- to the owner whose property right on its main house consists of actions(shares) or name specific parts in a transparent real estate company

- in Moroccan living abroad for their main house in Morocco



You absolutely have to sign an annual statement(declaration) of total income in conformance with the incomes which you will have perceived(collected) the past year, at the latest on March 31st of every year, and it, to avoid any fine or penalty of delay. Transfer of the incomes of investment By virtue of the diet(regime) of convertibility of the foreign investments, the approved intermediaries are authorized to transfer for the benefit of the interested investors, the incomes produced by their investments in Morocco, such:
- Dividends or parts of profits distributed by the Moroccan companies(societies); 

 - Attendance fees;

- profits realized by branches in Morocco of foreign companies(societies);

- the renting incomes;

- the interests produced by the loans and partners' current accounts contracted according to the currency regulation current. These incomes can, naturally, be transferred without limitation in the amount or in the time(weather), after payment of the taxes and the taxes current in Morocco. Besides, retained profits and allocated to an account of "balance brought forward", "reserves" or "reserves" can be reinstated(re-entered) in the profit to be distributed in conformance with an exercise to come and transferred later. For the transfer of these incomes, the Moroccan companies have to present to the intermediary approved in support of the orders of transfer, documents and rooms(parts,plays) planned(foreseen) in appendix II.
The approved intermediaries are anxious to pass on to the Exchange office, from realization of transfers, a report of execution.